Saturday, 8 June 2013

Mikky's Testimony


My sister, Isabella aged about 28 years, suffering from Schizophrenia and using English medicines since a decade..not continuously..on and Off. Her situation was too worst and we were unable to manage her at home, we keep her on rehabilitation center and using English medicine and situation and condition didn’t recovered. We have used English medicines both here in my country and abroad, it’s not been improved. She had used all the English medications which include Zyprexa, or resiprodine, Quitipine and other anti-psychosis medicines. For 2 days she will be fine and the next day, she talks rubbish with loud noise, she always says she want to die. She talks all past negative things happen in her life with loud and abnormal voice. She shouts people and beat sometimes, run on the roads... This has happened for 10 to 12 years, some time she is fine...again suddenly her behavior changes.. We were literary at the end of the rope when I stumbled upon “ Scarlett Story”. She had also had same experience as Isabella and the best thing about her was that after her using Consummo she was cure of schizophrenia. Scarlett’s story was very inspiring; she was the perfect person for us that time. We decided to consult Dr. Justin. In the first visit itself, my view towards the schizophrenia has completely changed. All of our doubts regarding herbal medicine changed as we do not believe in natural medicine. After more than a decade, we were seeing some ray of hope for Isabella situation. We had someone with whom we could easily share and discuss all our worries and problems. Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore. We made an order and started giving her the medicine daily. There has not been a single occurrence of the symptoms since then, he also gave her permission to do anything she never done. I think that was the most beautiful moment in our life in last 9 years. I could see the loads of happiness on Isabella’s face. Her confidence level was boosted like never before. Isabella has started staying with me now. Initially, it was very difficult. I used to call her to check if she is ok and safe. But on the other hand Isabella was completely enjoying her new life. Slowly, we reduced the phone calls and gave her independence. I specially commend Justin for his extraordinary work in the field of medicine and his excellent discovery to fight this terrible disease.

---Authored by: Mikky Joseph, 


  1. Are you okay in 2018

    1. This is for my sister not me. She is enjoying life with her family. She is very strong and healthy, even a previous leaky gut problem was cured. Invest in care, if you believe in it and follow the programme.