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Herbs and schizophrenia


Schizophrenia is a serious/severe mental disorder often characterized by abnormal social behavior and failure to recognize what is real. It affects the way a person thinks, behaves, and sees the world. Individuals with this condition typically aren’t aware that they have it until a healthcare specialist tells them.  Schizophrenia affects about 1% of the world population, In the United States, over 2.2 million individuals have the disorder. It is also common worldwide. Signs and symptoms may vary but usually involve false beliefs, unclear or confused thinking, auditory hallucinations, reduced social engagement and emotional expression, and lack of motivation. The symptoms can come and go. The most common form is paranoid schizophrenia. People with paranoid schizophrenia have an altered perception of reality. They may see or hear things that don’t exist, speak in strange or confusing ways, believe that others are trying to harm them, or feel like they’re being constantly watched. This can cause relationship problems, disrupt normal daily activities like bathing, eating, or running errands, and lead to alcohol and drug abuse in an attempt to self-medicate. Other signs can include a change of friends, a drop in grades, sleep problems, and irritability—common and nonspecific adolescent behavior, isolating oneself and withdrawing from others, act out in confusion and fear, and are at an increased risk of attempting suicide, especially during psychotic episodes and periods of depression. an increase in unusual thoughts and suspicions, and a family history of psychosis.  Although schizophrenia can occur at any age, the average age of onset tends to be in the late teens to the early 20s for men, and the late 20s to early 30s for women. It is uncommon for schizophrenia to be diagnosed in a person younger than 12 or older than 40.

What Causes Schizophrenia?

The causes of schizophrenia include: genetics (heredity), biology (abnormalities in the brain’s chemistry or structure); and/or possible viral infections and immune disorders. Some recreational and prescription drugs appear to cause or worsen symptoms. 

Genetics (Heredity)

Think of your genes as a blueprint for your body. If there’s a change to these instructions, it can sometimes increase your odds for developing schizophrenia. You’re more likely to get schizophrenia if someone in your family has it. If it’s a parent, brother, or sister, your chances go up by 10%. If both your parents have it, you have a 40% chance of getting it, too. Your chances are greatest -- 50% -- if you have an identical twin with the disorder. So, it is belief that the disorder tends to run in families and that a person inherits a tendency to develop the disease. But some people about --60%-- with schizophrenia have no history of it in their family.


Schizophrenia may also be triggered by environmental events, such as viral infections or highly stressful situations or a combination of both e.g. If you were exposed to certain viral infections before you were born or low oxygen levels during birth (from prolonged labor or premature birth) your chances of getting schizophrenia are higher. This may also be true if you didn’t get proper nutrition (malnutrition) from your mom while she was pregnant with you, especially during her first six months of pregnancy or exposure to toxins or viruses that may impact brain development, Early parental loss or separation, Physical or sexual abuse in childhood. Schizophrenia appears when the body undergoes hormonal and physical changes, like those that occur during puberty in the teen and young adult years or after dealing with highly stressful situations.


Chemistry - People with schizophrenia have a chemical imbalance of brain chemicals (serotonin, glutamate and dopamine) which are neurotransmitters. These neurotransmitters allow nerve cells in the brain to send messages to each other.These are responsible for “communicating information” in the brain. The imbalance of these chemicals affects the way a person’s brain reacts to stimuli--which explains why a person with schizophrenia may be overwhelmed by sensory information (loud music or bright lights) which other people can easily handle. This problem in processing different sounds, sights, smells and tastes can also lead to hallucinations or delusions. 

Structure - The development of connections and pathways in the brain while in the womb may later lead to schizophrenia.


Schizophrenia involves a range of problems with thinking (cognition), behavior or emotions. Signs and symptoms may vary. Generally, most patients suffering from schizophrenia/schizoaffective are often portrayed as being unpredictably aggressive, having an extensive network of paranoid thoughts (including suicidal thoughts) or ideas and sometimes very impulsive. The  symptoms may further lead to physical and emotional detachment, social withdrawal, depression, hallucination, delusion, anger, anxiety, lack of concentration, disorganized speech (word salad or mumbling words), a stressful or emotional life, and some will be fearful and seek to avoid others. Sleep disturbance is also major problem for people with schizophrenia.  Those symptoms result from an imbalance of dopamine and possibly serotonin, both of which are neurotransmitters, also increased stigmatization and poorer treatment outcomes. Multiple factors, including insufficient social support and substance abuse(smoking and excessive drinking).


A delusion is a firmly-held idea that a person has despite clear and obvious evidence that it isn’t true. Delusions are extremely common in schizophrenia, occurring in more than 90% of those who have the disorder. Often, these delusions involve illogical or bizarre ideas or fantasies. Common schizophrenic delusions include: 
Delusions of persecution – Belief that others, often a vague “they,” are out to get him or her. These persecutory delusions often involve bizarre ideas and plots (e.g. “My Mom is trying to poison me with radioactive particles delivered through my tap water”). These are false beliefs that are not based in reality. 
Delusions of reference – A neutral environmental event is believed to have a special and personal meaning. For example, a person with schizophrenia might believe a billboard or a person on TV is sending a message meant specifically for them. Delusions occur in most people with schizophrenia.
Delusions of grandeur – Belief that one is a famous or important figure, such Napoleon. Alternatively, delusions of grandeur may involve the belief that one has unusual powers that no one else has (e.g. the ability to fly).
Delusions of control – Belief that one’s thoughts or actions are being controlled by outside, alien forces. Common delusions of control include thought broadcasting 


These are sounds or other sensations experienced as real when they exist only in the person's mind. This usually involve seeing or hearing things that don't exist. Yet for the person with schizophrenia, they have the full force and impact of a normal experience. Hallucinations can be in any of the senses (any of the five senses), but hearing voices is the most common hallucination. Schizophrenic hallucinations are usually meaningful to the person experiencing them. Many times, the voices are those of someone they know. Most commonly, the voices are critical, vulgar, or abusive. Hallucinations also tend to be worse when the person is alone.

Disorganized thinking (speech)

Disorganized thinking is inferred from disorganized speech. Fragmented thinking is characteristic of schizophrenia. Externally, it can be observed in the way a person speaks. People with schizophrenia tend to have trouble concentrating and maintaining a train of thought. They may respond to queries with an completely unrelated answer, start sentences with one topic and end somewhere completely different, speak incoherently, or say illogical things. Rarely, speech may include putting together meaningless words that can't be understood, sometimes known as word salad.

Disorganized behavior

Extremely disorganized or abnormal motor behavior. This may show in a number of ways, from childlike silliness to unpredictable agitation. Behavior isn't focused on a goal, so it's hard to do tasks. Behavior can include A decline in overall daily functioning (resistance to instructions), inappropriate or bizarre posture, useless and excessive movement,  Unpredictable or inappropriate emotional responses

Negative symptoms

The Negative symptoms of schizophrenia refer to the absence of normal behaviors found in healthy individuals. In another word, it refers to reduced or lack of ability to function normally. For example, the person may neglect personal hygiene or Lack of emotional expression - Inexpressive face, including a flat voice, lack of eye contact, and blank or restricted facial expressions. Lack of interest or enthusiasm – Problems with motivation; lack of self-care in everyday activities
Seeming lack of interest in the world – Apparent unawareness of the environment; social withdrawal.
Speech difficulties and abnormalities – Inability to carry a conversation; short and sometimes disconnected replies to questions; speaking in monotone.

 Symptoms in teenagers

Schizophrenia symptoms in teenagers are similar to those in adults, but the condition may be more difficult to recognize. This may be in part because some of the early symptoms of schizophrenia in teenagers are common for typical development during teen years, such as:

Withdrawal from friends and family
A drop in performance at school
Trouble sleeping
Irritability or depressed mood
Lack of motivation


If left untreated, schizophrenia can result in severe problems that affect every area of life. Complications that schizophrenia may cause or be associated with include:

Suicide: Suicidal thoughts and behavior are common among people with schizophrenia. Which is why If you have a loved one who is in danger of attempting suicide or has made a suicide attempt, make sure someone stays with that person. Any suicidal talk, threats, or gestures should be taken very seriously. People with schizophrenia are especially likely to commit suicide during psychotic episodes, during periods of depression, and in the first six months after they’ve started treatment.

Relationship problems. Relationships suffer because people with schizophrenia often withdraw and isolate themselves. Paranoia can also cause a person with schizophrenia to be suspicious of friends and family.

Disruption to normal daily activities. Schizophrenia causes significant disruptions to daily functioning, both because of social difficulties and because everyday tasks become hard, if not impossible to do. A schizophrenic person’s delusions, hallucinations, and disorganized thoughts typically prevent him or her from doing normal things like bathing, eating, or running errands.

Depression: This is also frequently occurring symptom in schizophrenia, is major depressive disorder, is a mental health condition marked by an extended sense of sadness and despair that affects how a person thinks, feels and functions. The condition may significantly interfere with a person's daily life and may prompt thoughts of suicide. Depression isn't the same as sadness and grief caused by a challenging life experience, such as the death of a loved one.There are many causes of depression, some resulting from abnormal brain chemistry, while others are associated with low blood pressure, low thyroid, low blood sugar or low (or high) levels of various essential nutrients such as calcium, copper, lithium, magnesium, manganese, sodium, tin, protein, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, vitamin B10, vitamin B12  and others.

Abuse of alcohol or other drugs, including tobacco: People with schizophrenia frequently develop problems with alcohol or drugs, which are often used in an attempt to self-medicate, or relieve symptoms. In addition, they may also be heavy smokers, a complicating situation as cigarette smoke can interfere with the effectiveness of medications prescribed for the disorder.

Others may include the following but not limited to:
Anxiety disorders and obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
Inability to work or attend school
Legal and financial problems and homelessness
Social isolation
Health and medical problems
Being victimized
Aggressive behavior, although it's uncommon

Generally, around 10 percent of patients with this disorder are more likely to have an alcohol or drug abuse problem and commit suicide. Moreover, these individuals are at increased risk of having other mental-health conditions as well as dying earlier than individuals without this brain disorder.

Anti-psychotic drugs and their debilitating effect

There is one schizophrenia treatment medication that is known to most people; antipsychotics, but what happens when the medication has side effects that are worse than the disease itself? Anti-psychotic drugs have ‘limited’ efficacy and ‘horrible’ side-effects. When schizophrenia is diagnosed, antipsychotic drugs are the common prescriptions. This can be given as a patch, a pill, or an injection. You must know that most over-the-counter and almost all prescribed drug treatments merely mask symptoms, or control health problems or in some way alter the way organs or systems functions. They come with a host of damaging side effects not just to the mind but the body. It destroys all emotions, motivation and slows down your metabolism.  Some patients/caregivers have extensive knowledge on this, but failed to find viable natural alternative so they go back to the usual medication doctors prescribe, most patients take these drugs as a last resort. In many people symptoms may come back (recur) or persist long-term after using the those medicine, further create severe problem. You can't fix nutritional deficiencies or detoxify the mind/body with pharmaceutical drugs/anti-psychotic. More than two million people in the United States have a diagnosis of schizophrenia, and the treatment for most of them mainly involves strong doses of anti-psychotic drugs that blunt hallucinations and delusions that come with unbearable side effects, like severe weight gain or debilitating tremors. Anti-psychotic medications (in general) [sertralina Litio, Ziprexa, Seroquel, Haldol, Sinogan, Olanzapina, Risperidona, Amparax]  have been available since the mid-1950s, Anti-psychotic does not “cure” schizophrenia. Antipsychotic drugs are thought to act in schizophrenia by blocking dopaminergic receptors, thereby interfering with dopaminergic transmission. There is, however, growing evidence to suggest that typical antipsychotics also affect other neurotransmitter systems such as the cholinergic (muscarinic), alfa-adrenergic, histaminergic and serotonergic mechanisms. Typical antipsychotics are, therefore, essentially pharmacologically 'dirty' drugs and their use may consequently increase the risk of a wide variety of undesirable side-effects.  For example, their anticholinergic side-effects include dry mouth, urinary hesitancy (and even retention), constipation and visual disturbance, while their effects on noradrenergic mechanisms lead to postural hypotension, disturbances of sexual functions and nasal congestion. As a consequence of their antihistaminic action, many of these compounds are sedative. Furthermore, their prolonged use may lead to weight gain. Interference with dopaminergic transmission can lead to both endocrinological side-effects such as hyperprolactinaemia, which may manifest itself as galactorrhoea, amenorrhoea and gynaecomastia, and extrapyramidal side-effects. Which explain why there side effect like stiffness and shakiness, uncomfortable restlessness (akathisia), movements of the jaw, lips and tongue, sexual problems due to hormonal changes, sleepiness and slowness, severe weight gain, a higher risk of getting diabetes, and alot more. Some patients would rather take medication than take a serious look at how they became so disturbed, even if the field of psychiatry did offer much in the way of helping an upset person try to understand his or her psychosis—which it usually does not. 

A long-term study of 33 patients with schizophrenia, along with 71 control subjects for comparison, confirmed that those taking anti-psychotic drugs lost brain volume more quickly than average through the aging process. Whereas study subjects in the control group lost brain volume at a rate of 0.5 percent per year over a nine-year period, patients treated with anti-psychotic drugs for schizophrenia lost 0.7 percent per year — consistent with the average cognitive aging process for someone aged 34 to 43. These promising’ drugs that actually gained FDA approval have turned into disasters for many patients.


The good news is that there is hope for healing and permanent CURE for  Bipolar/Schizophrenia/SchizoAffective via CONSUMMO. By cure I mean the cessation of delusions and hallucinations as they are explored psychodynamically, and a gradual titration off of medication, with the cure lasting— without continuing any medication. CONSUMMO is made on an order, based on extensive medical history, it is not like prescription or over-the-counter medication where the same kind of drug is given to every patient, each patient receives specialized treatments. It is all "natural", no chemical added or preservative. CONSUMMO herbs are grown by us and in most cases we import quality herbs to complement our production which is done to ensure result and quality. It is always subjected to comprehensive & practical approach of testing equipped with high-performance to ensure its quality free of pesticides, contaminants, heavy metals and solvents and by doing, we ensure efficacy, purity and proper dissolution. CONSUMMO herb extracts are non-alcohol base which is why it is far effective. While most commercially available extracts are made with an alcohol base, we make use of other type of solvents- vinegar — to absorb the flavors of our herbs. These solvents and the extracts made from them are safe to consume for those who want to avoid alcohol in their diets. It stimulate the brain to maintain a state of alertness and also improves mental capabilities in brain. It alleviates insomnia. It is naturally safe even to those that may not have used Herbal medicine. . It is liquid, and it has no bitter taste or irritating odor. It can be shipped anywhere in the world! A certified and tested herbal products you can trust for good health and general well-beings. We have use this medicine on more than a thousand patients from different countries, who are permanently free of schizophrenia and now living a better and fulfilled life. CONSUMMO open up the path to a true and successful/lasting recovery and enable you to be able to eventually put all of your distressing experiences behind you. Instruction on how to gradually switch to CONSUMMO comes along with the medicine, so there wouldn't be any relapses. 

Money Back Guarantee

Risk Free
Our products have been manufactured under strict Quality Guidelines and they undergo testing at every stage of production to ensure full compliance with our specifications. They further undergo independent testing to ensure efficacy, purity and proper dissolution. We have worked hard to select the finest supplements in the world, but in the end, we are not happy unless you are satisfied.  So for this reason we offer you a 100% Money Back Guarantee. The gallons/bottles may be returned if you are unhappy with the improvement of the patient after the first month, I will provide you with a full refund. We conduct business with integrity. That is why we offer our superior products straight at the most affordable price.  

Door-to-Door Delivery
Once you place an order, your order will be available for shipping within 8-9 working days using convenient, reliable and on-time courier services USPS, FedEx and Dhl Worldwide. Most orders are delivered in about 3-5 business days. We use an industry standard encryption technology to guarantee the secure data transmission during transaction. We also absolutely guarantee the privacy of our customer information.

Mental health problems affect 1 in 4 people every year and no one should feel ashamed. By sharing your experiences, together we can end the stigma. We all came from nature. We live with nature. Nobody can survive without nature. No diseases are resistant, No one needs to die untimely from schizophrenia, No one should live on drugs forever. It is possible to break the pattern of being controlled by one’s thoughts and actions, and to become truly liberated and capable of living life to the fullest.

To schedule a consultation to review your symptoms and to determine the most effective treatment options. Send all details and get a reply to:

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My son was diagnosed with Autism when he was two years
old. We were made to believe his autism may be as a because of DNA, RNA or heredity. Suddenly, our happy little boy hardly seemed to recognize us or his sister. His behaviors became increasingly strange; he wouldn’t make eye contact, or even try to communicate by pointing or gesturing; make odd gurgling sounds, walk on his toes, and spend long periods of time repeating an action, such as opening and closing doors, running up and down the room repetitively. He would learn words but then seem to forget them easily, He often screamed inconsolably, refusing to be held or comforted and this symptom has seriously affected his communication and learning. And he developed chronic diarrhea.

In a nutshell, I wanted to let people know that your
CONSUMMO have changed my son’s life. He started making progress in speech. As we continued, he got better, he was able to learn, sleeping well at night, and was happier during the day. Thank you for all your advice and for lending an ear in my hour of need. It really is possible. If I can do it, I believe anyone can. And it's worth it. Autism is no one’s fault, don’t blame anyone. Children with autism are colorful- they are often beautiful, and like the rainbow, they stand out. The one thing that I want to impart to children with autism is knowledge of their own inner strength, and the belief that one day at a time, they, too, can get through this.

Vanesa Dichiara

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Liam’s Story in a bit

Having a mental illness can be lonely, isolating and scary. But when people share their stories of coping with mental illness or substance use disorder, it can provide inspiration and hope and be a welcome reminder that you are not alone in your challenges. My son had suffered schizophrenia as long as I can remember, we had no idea what was happening and didn’t know where to turn for help. It was hard then because we didn’t understand the symptoms earlier. When you struggle with an invisible disease, many won’t believe you. Early detection of mental illness and early treatment could have prevent full-blown psychosis and improve the long-term prognosis. There was a time he decided to get away from everyone, moving into a serene house in the woods with a pond and vocal wildlife. He said, “I loved to gaze at the moon and listen to an orchestra of fireflies and bullfrogs”.  As do most families, we went through many sleepless nights and periods of intense grief. I cannot express the pain and anguish that came over me.  We fought for proper medical care and humane treatment. We did everything we could and we did it with love, with intelligence, with experience and with a fight rivaling that of a mother bear defending her cubs against the predators that threaten their life. We have ALL given pieces of ourselves, sacrificed our own way of life for him and have spent many late nights worrying and praying. Behind the closed doors of our homes or a therapist’s office or a psychiatrist’s office we put our heads together to decide what is best for him and sometimes most of our choices work but more often we are less than successful. There was very little support from friends, family and the community. I racked my brain and kept thinking of all the things I could have done differently to prevent such a horrible illness.

It was such a relief when someone told me about the Mental Health Foundation of Australia. There I found other people going through very similar situations as me. I have dealt with shock, sadness, guilt, grief, anger and fear to name a few. I was able to interact with our new counselor, he told me about CONSUMMO treatment and their depot office in Australia. I finally found some respite and help. Even though, our Psychiatrist was not in support.  Don’t expect everyone to understand your journey, especially if they have never had to walk your path. I am not judgmental of other people- I see good in everyone.  We have been using this herbal supplement for just 6months with up-to-the-minute development, the symptoms are all gone. He stays calm now. He can go to lectures.  He has lots of friends, many interests and is building his life again. Liam’s illness has helped me grow to be a better person. Once again I have found balance in my life.

I would be very happy to receive any comments on what I have written here. It is also important to hear other points of view on the subject. I will keep you all updated after my son complete the whole treatment in the next 6-8months.

Amelia Wilson

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The Most Effective Treatment for Schizophrenia


I have decided to share this post officially because the most violent element in society today is ignorance. I would be ungrateful if I decided not to share our success experience with Consummo, my heart always bleeds for those parents whose son, daughter or relative who have this stigma - specifically paranoia schizophrenia as in my son’s case — it literally bleeds, some of them just need someone to hug them and tell them that they are not worthless, the treatment I tried not only worked but cured my son permanently - Consummo. My son was one of those millions of people around the world who suffered mental illness and God healed completely with Consummo.

My son situation was very complicated. I understand how one feel as a mother and once caregiver, mental illness is so much more complicated. Many have been conditioned to think that traditional medicine has not found a cure for a disease. Consummo have challenged this train of my thought. When he (Chris) was ill, it was a tragedy, I endured, I was broken, I knew hardship, I was lost. But here I stand and I can tell you unequivocally that my son is cure. It is those of us who have been broken that understand the meaning of psychosis which why I posted on different blog that there is solution. My dark days made me strong. As I looked at the past and start writing this, tears of joy overwhelm me. I realize that every time I thought I was being rejected from something good, I was actually being redirected to something better. It was one of my most difficult jobs and one that I poured my heart and soul into daily.  Though our son's mental illness drove us to bankruptcy, sidetracked his career and left me clinically depressed, his illness cost my time and that of my family, our son was hospitalized 13 times. He's repeatedly called 911 with fantasies – a gunshot wound, a heart attack. He has fantasies (he's rich), hallucinations (he's being followed) and delusions (Mom is a robot). Sometime he's slept with a butcher knife under his pillow. 

He already attempted suicide that one need to watch him, I don't go to work often. “I don’t believe I have fully processed the horror of my child suffering a level of torment so deep that it caused him to want to end his life. I was afraid of what will happen to me if I think about it too much. He said that his brain felt like it was “under a hair dryer.” He usually told me he felt “unsafe. How he talks — crisp or sluggish, or perhaps angrily to no one, like yelling “Stop following me!” down an empty hallway, he has done this on a regular basis.  I have read statistics that show our son is more likely to be a victim of violence than a perpetrator of it. I also read about the elevated risk of violence among people with schizophrenia, and knows the statistics that show their risk is higher if severe symptoms such as paranoia or hallucinations are not controlled, or if they have a history of violence or drug abuse. But that isn’t our son. “I don’t see that in him. What I saw is a kind, loving, empathetic boy struggling to regain his footing in this world. That’s who my son is. His friends gradually drifted away, due in no small part to his unpredictable and aggressive personality. This is what it is like to be the mother of a son with a severe mental illness — an hour-to-hour, minute-to-minute vigil, we check on him (me, my hubby,  his brother and others at home). It's exhausting to fight a war every single day. I told myself I had to get over what I wanted. My attitude was, 'I'll enjoy nothing while he enjoys nothing. We wanted to do the best for him and feel at our wits' end, which more reason we place an order of Consummo. My gratitude makes sense only after getting Consummo, within 2 months of using Consummo there was a noticeable improvement. The scars show pain & suffering, but they also show our will for him to survive. They're all part of our history now. The beautiful thing about my family is that we never gave up on our son. 

After he was symptom-free using Consummo, he explain that it's been years since he first heard voices — what he describes as “whispers” that would come mostly at night, along with brief flashes of images he describes as demons. If I was afraid of him, he says, it was because he had become terrified of himself. Do not allow anyone to make you feel hopeless, not even your Psychiatrists, they have discouraged me severally. He says he tried to manage by working out, by doing martial arts, not because he enjoyed beating people up but because it felt good, somehow, to get beaten up, and when nothing worked he asked me to take him to the doctor, where he heard words like “psychotic,” which terrified him even more and many other thing which I will not be able to say here. Taking into account how well my son progressed in that space of time and now. There is no more schizophrenic symptoms for more than 6 years now. It may work for you too. 


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Real Life Story of Recovery

                        Douglas Arthur's Story

This has been on my mind for the last 4months, I feel as if it's time for me to share this to the whole world. I can only speak for myself. I don’t know what schizophrenia looks like for others out there. But I do know it can be just as dark and strange. The sun is shining and it’s looking like a great day. I have lived with schizophrenia for 20 years. I started living in an apartment block for the rehabilitation of the mentally unwell. I had no friends. I battled strange, ominous voices and sights in a forever tormented day-to-day nightmare. I couldn't get relief from my psychotic world. I wanted to die desperately in an effort to free myself from this world. I first became ill when I was a teenager. I didn't know what was happening to me. I felt like I was possessed, and my mind was infected by demonic spirits. Schizophrenics are real people living with real, haunted minds. They may even become trapped, living through their own personal terror. As my schizophrenia worsened, I spent many years of my life experimenting with different doses of medications even support from my psychiatrist and others, with no result. Sometimes, when I'm admitted at hospital, I got even more paranoid. I thought the nurses and doctors were plotting to kill me. I had a wild delusion similar to a horror movie plot that hospitals were not places where people go to get better but rather where people go to get killed and then were chopped up into processed food and fed to everyone. I would be placed in the psychiatric observation unit for my hours. My symptoms got worse. I began to hallucinate more intensely and the constant delusions continued. In the end, the only thing to come out of the stay was a life experience that will scar me and the understanding that you never, never seek help or open up to a mental health professional. You are not a person to them, you are a condition, and the things that come out of your mouth are not words, but rather products of said condition There are more things that I could say about these episodes of mine but to cut the long story short. Eventually, I was introduced to Consummo via the internet in September, 2016. Even with all my delusions and paranoia I guess I still had enough trust in his protocol and agreed to do as he suggested.

I can say I'm fully recovered with no symptoms, I wanted to take a look back at what life was like when I was at my worst, when I wasn’t being treated for symptoms using Consummo and now, the end of 2017 before writing this testimony. In conclusion, my experiences with schizophrenia were initially very devastating, derailing my career and almost destroying my future. Since those difficult times, I now use my experiences in a positive way to educate others and advocate for better services for all consumers of Consummo. With hope, motivation, commitment and courage, and proper care, there is a full recovery for the mentally ill patients using Consummo packages. Please respond with any feedback for further questions, comments, etc. if you desire to know more, I'll be happy to explain anything else for you. I have decided to attach my video this year to confirm that I'm independent and fully back to my business. CONSUMMO work magic in my life

--Authored by Douglas Arthur

Monday, 20 June 2016

Our Testimony


I wanted to celebrate that this day is my son's two years anniversary of using CONSUMMO and being free of Bipolar and Schizophrenia symptoms and also to tell you there is hope. This is the least I can do, to write this out for others. The worst of the worst illness or condition with the horrible stigma attached in our society! We have tried more than 18 different psychiatric drugs. Our  son seems to be “drug resistant”. He never responded well to just one med, and had to be at the upper limits of each med in order to see really positive results. Every two weeks to a month it was back to the psychiatrist to up this med or change that med. There are pros and cons to each one, side effects that you choose to live with or you change the med. Instead of the drugs to change him, it was adding up to years of hell. None of the meds. seemed to be able to control the psychotic episode. None of the meds could stop him from triggering into the rages. They just gave us more time in between episodes. Our psychiatrist directed us to the Schizophrenia society. They told us there was no cure for the illness. They said I should join them for support. I could not accept that there was no cure for my son and that he would have to be on medication for life. I was struggling to learn to survive a new distorted life with my son after years with no success. I tried both homeopathic and naturopathic treatments. I gave my 100% belief and trust to every step that I took. I spent money like I had no limit, but with no success.

Finally, things got out of control completely, that I had to commit him to police against his will because his behaviour is harmful to himself and/or others. It was the worst day of my life. My child whom I loved dearly was sent away like an animal in a cage. My heart felt like it had been ground apart with a potato masher. I was crying and numb all the same time. I was emotionally and physically drained. I had literally fought a battle. I went home and laid in bed crying and sobbing till I couldn't breathe, hoping the numbness would settle over my soul. No medical or social help. No hope.

My lead to Dr. Justin was through the message board Patricia left on the NAMI about her son’s experience and how he was cured. I could not give up. I followed through Dr. Justin’s protocol. I actually saw the sign of hope about 6 weeks after. He gradually recovers. We never met in person but he is extremely competent, selfless and understanding. Don't let the drug companies keep you as a slave to their mediocre medications. Don't let them tell you there's nothing that will help you. You must search for it. There is hope with Consummo! We are living our life instead of surviving it. Thanks for all your wonderful Testimonies on this blog/website to raise awareness about this wonderful protocol and I wish all of you good health and God Bless.


Saturday, 8 June 2013

Mikky's Testimony


My sister, Isabella aged about 28 years, suffering from Schizophrenia and using English medicines since a decade..not continuously..on and Off. Her situation was too worst and we were unable to manage her at home, we keep her on rehabilitation center and using English medicine and situation and condition didn’t recovered. We have used English medicines both here in my country and abroad, it’s not been improved. She had used all the English medications which include Zyprexa, or resiprodine, Quitipine and other anti-psychosis medicines. For 2 days she will be fine and the next day, she talks rubbish with loud noise, she always says she want to die. She talks all past negative things happen in her life with loud and abnormal voice. She shouts people and beat sometimes, run on the roads... This has happened for 10 to 12 years, some time she is fine...again suddenly her behavior changes.. We were literary at the end of the rope when I stumbled upon “ Scarlett Story”. She had also had same experience as Isabella and the best thing about her was that after her using Consummo she was cure of schizophrenia. Scarlett’s story was very inspiring; she was the perfect person for us that time. We decided to consult Dr. Justin. In the first visit itself, my view towards the schizophrenia has completely changed. All of our doubts regarding herbal medicine changed as we do not believe in natural medicine. After more than a decade, we were seeing some ray of hope for Isabella situation. We had someone with whom we could easily share and discuss all our worries and problems. Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore. We made an order and started giving her the medicine daily. There has not been a single occurrence of the symptoms since then, he also gave her permission to do anything she never done. I think that was the most beautiful moment in our life in last 9 years. I could see the loads of happiness on Isabella’s face. Her confidence level was boosted like never before. Isabella has started staying with me now. Initially, it was very difficult. I used to call her to check if she is ok and safe. But on the other hand Isabella was completely enjoying her new life. Slowly, we reduced the phone calls and gave her independence. I specially commend Justin for his extraordinary work in the field of medicine and his excellent discovery to fight this terrible disease.

---Authored by: Mikky Joseph, 

Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Consummo Works

Overcoming Mental Illness with Consummo

I’d like to tell a story -- in the hope that it will be useful to others -- of my struggles and achievements with schizophrenia. I can’t speak for everyone about Consummo. I can’t guarantee that this will work for you. But I suggest you try it. It has done wonders for me

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia for 19 odd years, it all began in 1991. I had occasional visual hallucinations; I experienced sounds (hearing voices), visions, and smells that were not there; others are paranoia, jumbled thoughts and catatonia (being unable to respond to others); The effects was so devastating that I was told by doctors — that I may never lead independent lives, find partners or hold down stable jobs. It was very difficult accepting this; I was hospitalized several times with no much improvement (sometime five hospitalizations that year alone).

Over the years since I became ill; my mum used to tells me how much she loves me, and I know she does, as I love her too; like many families in similar circumstances, lived with the anguish and frustration of trying to protect a loved one with schizophrenia, often from himself. I refused or abandoned treatment, due to side effects and ineffectiveness, and denying that there was anything wrong with me. What medications he did take rarely worked, or not for long. I thought: there had to be a better way as antipsychotic medicine comes with a plethora of side effects with little or no improvement.

So I kept searching, and in my searches I stumbled across a website where Consummo was being praised for its effectiveness
After few weeks of using Consummo, though I still experience some symptoms for about a month, they number far fewer than I used to. My typical day is spent anchored in reality, with mild thought disturbances that I have learned to blow off. When I get delusional, the delusions last a matter of a second or two -- to the point where they simply don’t affect my life anymore. 

My experience with this form of treatment (herbal medicine) has been so successful that when I told a Psychiatrist on my hockey team about my diagnosis and how Consummo has helped, he flat out and didn’t believe me. I watched as the symptoms began to disappear completely from my life. I was no longer paranoid about my job because I understood that emotionally my boss likes the work I do and assures that I am doing a good job. I learned to understand that socializing is a way of killing free time -- and it’s much more enjoyable when you do things with others. In summary, I have overcome this disorder without conventional medications and the side effects that the drugs cause

--- Authored by: Sue

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Avigail's Story


I am 47 years old, I live in UK. I don't have any symptoms while I am taking my medicine, Risperidone 3 mg. I have taken it many years but the side effect are just too much, before that I had Zyprexa but I got an allergy from that so I had to change. I have been taking medicine since I got a psychosis eight years ago. Two times I stopped taking the medicine and every time the symptoms slowly returned in a few weeks. The symptoms I get is delusions, imperative voices telling me to do horrible things, horrible pictures in my mind (don't know if that is hallucinations?)There were not many symptoms, just a few, but it was enough to take away the joy in my life. Every time I left the my M.D’s office, I felt discouraged knowing that I would probably remain on medication with side effect for the rest of my life, and this that left me feeling exhausted and prevented me from participating in originally planned activities. I couldn’t function. There is no schizophrenia in my family that I know of. There was just one incident with my mother's sister who committed suicide at the age of 20, but nobody knows if she had psychosis. I think it is a wrong idea which I got perhaps eight nine years back. It was all from a spiritual experience which I don't understand. I woke up exactly at three o'clock several nights in a row, and then I was in the universe, one with all the stars, I was the universe, that primordial power. It was frightening and lonely and I tried to put the arm over my eyes, but still it came back every night. When it stopped I went up from bed, it was completely dark in the room but I knew exactly where the handle was. I went in the bathroom and looked at my face in the mirror, then all the wrinkles around my eyes disappeared in front of my eyes. Same thing happened every night. It was a strong experience and after that I believed that my soul was divine. Not that my personality was perfect, but that I was going to become that in my lifetime. With this idea in my mind I was vulnerable for negative forces, telling me that some people were bad and some were divine, and so on. These negative forces are the symptoms. The negative forces have most of all attacked my relationship with my children, and I still feel sometimes obstructions in my love for my daughter. (to loose that love is one of my deepest fears). I couldn't sleep without a very small dose of sleeping pills, Imovane. So it was this idea of being divine that triggers the symptoms, I believe. Thanks to Dr. Justin Rodwen Hill and his product (Consummo), for his timely intervention of his product, excellent counseling, support from my family and some prayer, I now consider myself a most fortunate “schizophrenia survivor.” I find hope in the darkest of days when I saw a testimony of people talking about Consummo on many blogs and how it has helped their loved ones. Is this a Miracle medicine or what? I started having series of thought; thereafter I ordered his product and started using it, the symptoms progressively got better as days turn into months. After months of treatment I stop having those thoughts, though I have not gone for any test yet for over 4 year now, I have never had any psychotic symptoms. It's obvious that I have been cure.

---Authoured by: Avigail, 2012

Wednesday, 2 April 2008



My son, was diagnosed as a paranoid/disorganized schizophrenic in 2004. The first signs we saw over the period 12 - 16 months, before he received (Consummo) treatment, were: He wouldn't eat, everything tasted "funny" or he thought I was putting something in the food to make it taste "funny". He wouldn't even eat McDonalds food, which he always loved. He will leaves the kitchen and will not eat with the rest of the family because of a fear that we are contaminating his food he has an extreme fear and belief that family members are placing toxins and poisons in his food. Because of this fear he  only purchased food in small prepackaged containers (cans, individually wrapped food items, etc.) that he can eat entirely at one sitting. If he doesn't completely eat or drink what is in that package he will just throw the rest away rather than put it in the refrigerator for later consumption. If we walk into the kitchen while he is eating he will frequently throw all his food garbage because he seems to believe that we have "contaminated it". He lost 50 lbs during this time (6 - 7 months). I took him to our family doctor who did a series of tests, including a drug test, all came back negative. He then started to zone out for long periods of time (1 - 2 hours). He wouldn't blink very often or change his expression. I would ask him if anything was wrong and he'd just shake his head no. He then started to laugh during these times for no reason. He would sit and stare at his hands for hours, when I would ask him what was wrong with his hands, he would say they are different than they use to be.
During this entire period, his grades in school went from C's - D's to all F's. The school would call and say he would get up and walk out of class and just roam the halls. Starting in June , he started getting very aggressive, talking to himself and laughing in his room. He would get very upset and run out of his room, down the stairs and outside. He started doing this everyday. It started really going down hill from there.
He would never say he was hearing voices, but it was very apparent he was. God told him what numbers to play for the lottery, if I bought a ticket I would win millions. He heard other voices, I would hear him talking to them.
He started talking in a language we did not understand, after research I found these to be called "word salads". He would call me by a name that no one understood, he said I was from a different planet sent here to kill him.  He would come out of his room, scream at all of us in the foreign language, and tell us we all were going to die. Would no longer watch T.V., In fact he broke his cd player by doing this. Paced constantly or do just the opposite not get out of bed for hours during the day. (he would not sleep at night). Started to hallucinate. The walls had bugs on them, we all looked different, my eye brows were pointed upward and my ears had grown. He said things were moving when they were not. During this time I was totally freaking out.
The above are a brief summary of what was happening, so many things occurred during this period I can't remember or have blocked some of it out. I was able to admit him to the hospital by telling him we were just going to the doctor but effort by Doctor prove abortive, we resort us into getting Consummo.
I credit my son recovery to Dr.Justin Rodwen Hill (Consummo). I just hope our story will inspires you not to think the future of your son is hopeless. He now find it easier to talk to people now, which was not the case years ago. Though we still have many other ups and downs constantly in our family but our son is back to his normal senses which is most important, because for someone who has never had confidence , and has low-self esteem I think he have accomplished a lot and he now have a targeted goals. That is our experience with Consummo 

--- Authored by: Mariana Gheorghe (Valerie's Mum), 04/2008

Wednesday, 11 October 2006



Hi, my name is Scarlett. I am writing this in hopes that one day you will be symptom-free like I am now. When I was younger, I used to play a game where someone would say a word or phrase and youwere to say the first thing that popped into your head. If I was to play this game with people in the street and say ‘paranoid schizophrenia’, I wonder what the responses would be. I’m guessing a lot of people would say either ‘evil’ or ‘murderer’ and if you had asked me five years ago, I probably would have said one of those words too.

As someone who suffers with paranoid schizophrenia, I’m used to hearing my diagnosis on the news. It’s always in a bad light. Always. Either a murder or other violent crime has been committed and the media’s insistence on only broadcasting negative stories about schizophrenia ensures that the stigma around this diagnosis stays painfully bad. When I was unwell, I was hearing voices and suffered with delusional beliefs amongst other things. I definitely didn’t spend my time planning inventive ways of killing people. No, I was just scared by the voices I was hearing and confused by the delusional beliefs I had.

The first noticeable symptoms of schizophrenia started when I was 21. I was walking through town on a break from college when a male voice started talking to me. In the months that followed, this voice would tell me to harm myself but it also told me to harm other people. I didn’t want to hurt anyone, and so I never did, despite some commands being unbearably loud. Two years after the first symptoms started, I neglected myself so badly that I was sectioned as a danger to self.

Two days before I was sectioned, I had attended university, and worked my usual shift in my part-time retail job. It was so upsetting to go from a working student to a sectioned psychiatric inpatient in hospital in the blink of an eye. After eight weeks in hospital, where I was forced into taking antipsychotic medication, I was discharged and sent home. My symptoms hadn’t improved however, and I ended up back in hospital less than a year after discharge. Paranoid schizophrenia has made me hear voices and suffer with delusions, intrusive thoughts and a very low mood, but it has never made me evil. When I struggled with my illness, I was just confused. I wasn’t murderous. If you had seen me in the street, you probably wouldn’t have given me a second thought.

I tried five different antipsychotics but didn’t find any of them to be helpful. The statistics say that around 75 – 80% of people with schizophrenia will find antipsychotic medication to be helpful, but I appear to be in the minority of people who don’t find it helpful. Mental illnesses have such terrible stigmas attached that many sufferers end up stigmatising themselves. I know I did. I came close to maiming myself when I was first put on antipsychotic medication. The word antipsychotic made me believe that doctors were calling me an evil murderer and I desperately felt that I had to disable myself to prevent me from harming anyone. Being labelled with schizophrenia made me stigmatise myself even further, but fortunately I was able to recover and learn the truths of schizophrenic illnesses before the label of paranoid schizophrenia was attached to me.

I was symptomatic for four years before I finally found something that helped which is CONSUMMO (An herbal Medicine) developed by Justin Rodwen Hill, it worked for me, I believe it saved my life. Getting the right help for my illness was what enabled me to recover. Also, being treated as an individual went a long way to ensuring my recovery. Everyone with schizophrenia is different, so we all require tailored support to help us through the times when we are unwell. I finished my undergraduate and graduate school, drove a car, got married, had a baby, traveled alone internationally, rode the bus alone across the country, participated in half-marathons, and moved by myself multiple times within the United States. In other words, I lived life. Each of us has something unique and beautiful to share with the world in spite of — or perhaps because of — our current situation. I wish you all luck and hope that someday your lives will be SYMPTOM FREE! Although my SCHIZOPHRENIA was challenging, it made me the strong and determined person. I am able to live a life free of the worry of having a psychosis any day.

Nowadays, you wouldn’t know I have ever had schizophrenia, unless I told you. A lot of sufferers are quiet and shy, and they wouldn’t and couldn’t hurt anyone. Yet the attitude towards schizophrenia, and paranoid schizophrenia in particular, seems to be that we’re all murderers-to-be who should be locked up for the safety of others. But schizophrenia doesn’t mean I have evil eyes or an array of weapons. As Lewis Carroll wrote, “I'm not strange, weird, off, nor crazy, my reality is just different from yours.”

----Authored by: Scarlett James on 10/ 2006