Monday, 20 June 2016

Our Testimony


I wanted to celebrate that this day is my son's two years anniversary of using CONSUMMO and being free of Bipolar and Schizophrenia symptoms and also to tell you there is hope. This is the least I can do, to write this out for others. The worst of the worst illness or condition with the horrible stigma attached in our society! We have tried more than 18 different psychiatric drugs. Our  son seems to be “drug resistant”. He never responded well to just one med, and had to be at the upper limits of each med in order to see really positive results. Every two weeks to a month it was back to the psychiatrist to up this med or change that med. There are pros and cons to each one, side effects that you choose to live with or you change the med. Instead of the drugs to change him, it was adding up to years of hell. None of the meds. seemed to be able to control the psychotic episode. None of the meds could stop him from triggering into the rages. They just gave us more time in between episodes. Our psychiatrist directed us to the Schizophrenia society. They told us there was no cure for the illness. They said I should join them for support. I could not accept that there was no cure for my son and that he would have to be on medication for life. I was struggling to learn to survive a new distorted life with my son after years with no success. I tried both homeopathic and naturopathic treatments. I gave my 100% belief and trust to every step that I took. I spent money like I had no limit, but with no success.

Finally, things got out of control completely, that I had to commit him to police against his will because his behaviour is harmful to himself and/or others. It was the worst day of my life. My child whom I loved dearly was sent away like an animal in a cage. My heart felt like it had been ground apart with a potato masher. I was crying and numb all the same time. I was emotionally and physically drained. I had literally fought a battle. I went home and laid in bed crying and sobbing till I couldn't breathe, hoping the numbness would settle over my soul. No medical or social help. No hope.

My lead to Dr. Justin was through the message board Patricia left on the NAMI about her son’s experience and how he was cured. I could not give up. I followed through Dr. Justin’s protocol. I actually saw the sign of hope about 6 weeks after. He gradually recovers. We never met in person but he is extremely competent, selfless and understanding. Don't let the drug companies keep you as a slave to their mediocre medications. Don't let them tell you there's nothing that will help you. You must search for it. There is hope with Consummo! We are living our life instead of surviving it. Thanks for all your wonderful Testimonies on this blog/website to raise awareness about this wonderful protocol and I wish all of you good health and God Bless.