Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Consummo Works

Overcoming Mental Illness with Consummo

I’d like to tell a story -- in the hope that it will be useful to others -- of my struggles and achievements with schizophrenia. I can’t speak for everyone about Consummo. I can’t guarantee that this will work for you. But I suggest you try it. It has done wonders for me

I was diagnosed with schizophrenia for 19 odd years, it all began in 1991. I had occasional visual hallucinations; I experienced sounds (hearing voices), visions, and smells that were not there; others are paranoia, jumbled thoughts and catatonia (being unable to respond to others); The effects was so devastating that I was told by doctors — that I may never lead independent lives, find partners or hold down stable jobs. It was very difficult accepting this; I was hospitalized several times with no much improvement (sometime five hospitalizations that year alone).

Over the years since I became ill; my mum used to tells me how much she loves me, and I know she does, as I love her too; like many families in similar circumstances, lived with the anguish and frustration of trying to protect a loved one with schizophrenia, often from himself. I refused or abandoned treatment, due to side effects and ineffectiveness, and denying that there was anything wrong with me. What medications he did take rarely worked, or not for long. I thought: there had to be a better way as antipsychotic medicine comes with a plethora of side effects with little or no improvement.

So I kept searching, and in my searches I stumbled across a website where Consummo was being praised for its effectiveness
After few weeks of using Consummo, though I still experience some symptoms for about a month, they number far fewer than I used to. My typical day is spent anchored in reality, with mild thought disturbances that I have learned to blow off. When I get delusional, the delusions last a matter of a second or two -- to the point where they simply don’t affect my life anymore. 

My experience with this form of treatment (herbal medicine) has been so successful that when I told a Psychiatrist on my hockey team about my diagnosis and how Consummo has helped, he flat out and didn’t believe me. I watched as the symptoms began to disappear completely from my life. I was no longer paranoid about my job because I understood that emotionally my boss likes the work I do and assures that I am doing a good job. I learned to understand that socializing is a way of killing free time -- and it’s much more enjoyable when you do things with others. In summary, I have overcome this disorder without conventional medications and the side effects that the drugs cause

--- Authored by: Sue