Friday, 27 May 2005

Aaron's Story


I will start by saying I recommend strongly Consummo for all schizophrenia patients not only from my personal experiences but also from those I heard when I was about to get the medicine. Before I share my experience, I will like to digress a bit . If you think this Universe is bad, you should see some of the others. They’ve always tried to help me, but having schizophrenia it was hard to receive the help. The schizophrenic mind is not so much split as shattered. I like to say schizophrenia is like a waking nightmare. Schizophrenia is when the total personalities of your past lives or the memories of invading spirits enter your body. Some of the most evil human beings in the world are psychiatrists. Not all psychiatrists. Some psychiatrists are selfless, caring people who really want to help. But the sad truth is that in today's society, mental health isn't a science. It's an industry. Ritalin, Zoloft, Prozac, Lexapro, Resperidone, happy pills that are supposed to "normalize" the behavior of our families, colleagues, friends but they come with different negative action. To a psychiatrist, it's a financial opportunity. Making money is their priority, Even though there is cure to serious mental illness , they aren't interested. You will be the one to take the bold step in helping the victim. The alarming number of people, especially children, who seem to have these "illnesses" and needed to be highly medicated or locked up, Why?... it's horrifying.

The psychiatrists get their prestigious reputation and their money to burn. The drug companies get fast cash and a chance to claim that they've discovered a wonder-drug, capable of "treating" anyone who might be a burden on society... that's what it's all about. It's not about really talking to these troubled people and finding out what they need. It's about giving them a pill that fits a pattern, a weapon to normalize people who might make society uncomfortable. The psychiatrists get their weapon.The mental health industry takes the world's most vulnerable people and messes with their heads, giving them controlled substances just because they don't fit the normal puzzle. And sadly, it's more or less going to get worse in this rapidly advancing century. All these saying are from my personal observation.
These days, Americans spend $200 billion per year on prescription drugs and less than $20 billion on herbs and other dietary supplements. When choosing the best remedy or preventive medicine, most of us simply want the safest, most effective option available, whether it’s food, herbs or a pharmaceutical drug. But the fact remain that herbs come from nature. No form of Nature is inferior to Art; for the arts merely imitate natural forms. sorry for all this essay, In 1980, when I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia when I was 54, that was when I studied and understand the situation better. After a difficult period of coping with depression, anxiety and paranoia, it was hard to get help from anyone. I was heavily medicated with less improvement. No medicine works for me. My situation get worse daily. We knew about Consummo product 2002. He suggested an alternative for few weeks and we use the opportunity to gather enough for Consummo. Consummo was so so effective and powerful. It calm my mood in the very first to second month. It help with depression, anxiety and also for insomnia. If I decide to write about this then  a day will not be enough. I will not only recommend the medicine who might be reading this but the message should go round the whole vicinity if you have the opportunity. Consummo is a real cure to schizophrenia.

--- Authored by: Aaron Foster, 27/05/2005


  1. Aaron Foster, I love this testimony, this reveal the in-depth truth about the mental organization. I hope to received our CONSUMMO anytime soon.

  2. Angelica Vinesar11 March 2018 at 10:35

    I really enjoyed reading this article, this author has totally nailed it. Well done, telling it like it is really helps validate my experiences. Your stuff resonates with me. It’s so scary that they think that blocking dopamine is the way to make one stable. I don’t think that's the modern solution today. It’s a daily struggle or the structure of our life. We need natural smart open-minded solutions, interactions and habits that make us stable. Not blocking our brain functions.